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Those families with big money didn't make it by only trading it among themselves but by bringing in fresh money from outside the family... because they sell more to those outside the family than what they buy from outside the family they are able to build their wealth.

If you were to change "family" with "USA" you would know what is NOT going on here....... we no longer export anything that will counter react the large quantity of items that we buy and it means that we are giving everything away to other countries.

Our government are trying to solved the problem by printing more fiat but all that they are doing is to placed us deeper into the hole.

Once we start to export it will take around 20-30 years to able to be what we were at one time.......the place to start would be our schools which at this time are nothing more than a baby sitting place.......if our children are our future we are then in deep doodoo.

The only way to solve the housing disaster would be by creating jobs but one of the jobs requierement is that someone else can use what you make hence export.

I find it very funny that those who I call "the power to be" haven't said a word about solving the problem by exporting........ now they want to give you another "stimulus package" money for "free", who do you think will be paying for all that money?..........and for how long?.

Interesting that the state of Israel is number one in spending money for R&D while the US is number eight.

Sorry amigos but I see the US in a "deep" depression, a depression that will take a long ....long......long time to recover from.

I wished that my English was better in order to explain what I am thinking but I am doing the best that I can with what I do know.
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