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I have lurked here from time to time but gave up for a long time as there is no way to do categories and finally decided to make an account to mention it as there is no way to contact the site otherwise.

I've reached the boiling point as I would like their to be categories instead of random stuff (to put it politely) floating about to wade thru categories like (Zombie story) (Grid Down Story) or (Disease Story).etc. Let's say I want all stories dealing with civil war between factions and no Zombie junk or grid down scenarios which are my favorite? Hell I don't even know how many grid down stories there are on here and never will the way the system is setup.

Often titles are VERY misleading. I am not sure what is going on in people's minds here and how they can live like this but I have autism and prefer things to be organized. Random stuff doesn't do it.

Are most people on their phones and just quickly browse or something without a second thought? I can understand if that's the case as phones are small screens and people are usually short on time but not all of us have caved in.

I use a desktop so prefer power to the user unlike phone 'idiots' who don't even know how to turn on a PC let alone know how to mess with settings or know how to get help to mess with settings so they won't do something dumb.
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