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NJ people-anyone want to form prepper community?

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Talk is cheap, and Ive seen on a lot of prepper sites having zero actual activity when meeting and trying to find like minded people. Although this site seems to be the most active, and Ive learned a lot here, my initial goal is to try to form a community within the state of NJ. Strength in numbers. As for the section here for NJ, there are only 8 members and all i saw was one discussion? Wow, if thats the case, we're in big trouble! The time to act is now, before the SHTF , once it does, we're all on our own unless we take action now. Anyone interested?
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I would be interested in some sort of prepper community. I wouldn't call myself a hard core prepper, but have some knowledge and some stuff stocked, but I'm always willing to learn.
Lets see
I'm in Morris county
we have a small garden and green house, we're trying canning this fall hopefully.
no military training(still considering joining)
I know how to hunt and fish, I know some basic first aid from boy scouts.
basically I was raised by a farm girl and a city boy in the burbs.
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Good! A greenhouse, very impressive. You have some important skills too.
We are in Middlesex county and have 3 gardens. All are doing well, except for all the squash and zucchini. We've been attacked time after time by groundhogs. They wont get in again hopefully, we've reinforced and built up the fences. We're relatively new to canning, but have been trying to get as much meat on sale as possible and can it.
I havent gone fishing or camping in years, but need to get back into both. Hunting, we have zero experience in. Do you know of any other sites with locals trying to get in contact? Ive tried a few and gotten a few responses, but not in the last month. Very unorganized and not enough people there. I'm thinking about sending the few people from the other site here by link to see if they'll join up.
only site like this that I'm on is this one.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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