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hey everyone, im 23 years old. im lookin to learn all i can about the outdoors and what it takes to survive.

i am an avid rock climber (in the gym) havent had the chance to do any serious climbing outdoors yet. just a lil bouldering here and there near camp sites.

i try to get a lil hiking in every weekend at my local trails here in orange county, ca.

i love to mtn bike. but i dont get to do it as much as id like to. i need a new bike. mines old and heavy.

lets see what else is there... places that i love to go and be outdoors are... big bear, for snow boarding, havent done any hiking or mtn biking up there yet but plan on making a few trips next year.
i also like to go to lake hemet and do a lil hiking and bouldering out there.
then theres chiriaco summit, ive done quite a bit of camping out there, mainly as a kid, shoot various guns, doin a lil off roading and some bouldering.

well thats pretty much me and my outdoor life. i got lots to learn so i will be reading up on as much as i can find.
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