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H1N1 vaccine to be imported into NZ

Published: 4:34PM Monday July 06, 2009

Source: Newstalk ZB/OEN News

The government is spending millions of dollars to import a swine flu vaccination for front line health workers - even though it has not been licensed yet.

It has ordered 300,000 doses of the vaccine but it is unlikely to be available until December.
I know the Baxter vaccine has been a big issue considering their recent scandals. Here is a link to a .pdf file from the European Medicines Agency which has licensed the "mock up" pandemic vaccine for Baxter -- the license under which the H1N1 vaccine will be produced.
Some highlights:

The main study of Celvapan included 561 health volunteers...
At 21 days after the second injection, 72% of the adults... had levels of antibodies that would protect them from H5N1 [the viral component used for licensing.]
...substances found at trace (very low) levels in the vaccine ... [include] formaldehyde, benzonase, and sucrose.
They go on to say:

If a pandemic has started... it may be appropriate to give the vaccine to [patients with allergies to substances in the vaccine], as long as facilities for resuscitation are available.

The protection rate is less than 3/4 and the study sample is so miniscule. If 1 in 700 people developed life-threatening illness the study could have easily missed it, yet that's 240 New Zealanders of the 150,000 that would receive the vaccine-- and 1428 people in 1 million.

On top of that, Baxter generally seems to have problems distributing safe, uncontaminated products.
I'm sorry, but none of that convinces me that Baxter has made a vaccine that is very safe or effective. Okay, so maybe the virus mutates and becomes much more fatal, but until then the vaccine really doesn't seem worth it.
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