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New US Mint coins

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$1 coins for the US have been out for what, 4 years now? And I have gotten 4 of them in those 4 years. Where are all of them?

Well, now you can help circulate these new $1 coins by going to You can order $250 or $500 in coins, get free postage, and they will ship them to you (hopefully in an unmarked box).

They are called "Circulating $1 Coin Direct Ship Rolls" and they are NOT for depositing into your bank. They are for spending at local stores, giving them to kids as allowance, giving them as change.

Free shipping? Sounds like a good deal to me.

NOTE: some items are shipping now, and only a few $1 coins are available for "Direct Ship". You can place an order now but they won't be shipped until the given date.
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Just think A dollar coin that isnt worth but what a dollar use to be worth. Before 2012s election they will probably be worth less then a penny is now.
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