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Got this today.... first time.... usually it is some -n-i-g-e-r-i-a-n- pledging undying devotion....or millions (the system kicks the word out when spelled correctly, like the country, *****ia. The racial slur is spelt with two G's, not one.)

Dear Sir,

I got your contact through the internet search.


I am Capt. Joseph of Second Infantry Div. Unit (S.I.D.U.) Abul Uruj Baghdad, Iraq.
This mail will definitely come to you as a surprise, I and my boss Lt. col David Hopok have in our position a huge amount of US dollars in cash which was Recovered in one of our operations we did here in Iraq, As he is the officer in charge, we wish to solicit your assistance and confidential.. This fund has just Been lodged in a security vault in England were we are now, Which will be disclose to you letter, if you accepted or have interest, With his position I assure you free and fare transaction with good arrangement between us and you, we can do it.. we can’t make mention of the amount involved now and were this fund is been kept until we receive your reply then arrangement will take off.

Thanks and Regards
Capt. Joseph
Lt. col David Hook
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