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Simply AMAZING work.
I am in awe.
Bravo! Grand slam.
Absolutely beautiful design & execution.
I can say this. I bought his Bushcraft Lite, and I am doing everything I can to break it, dull it, or SOMETHING! This knife just says...pfffft, is that all you got?

Shaving sharp right out of the box. That's pretty rare. Not to mention, this is a made in USA, hand made knife, for around $200, which is less than a lot of foreign knives out there.

Full disclosure, I have no affiliation with this vendor, other than buying a knife from them.

Here's the knife I got, along with a Becker BK2 and a RAT7, for comparison.

Sorry, phone isn't cooperating! I'll try again tomorrow.

Looks like it's working, now.
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts