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From: The Commercial Appeal

A Memphis girl who died this week after becoming infected with the swine-flu virus had many "underlying health issues," officials at Le Bonheur Children's Medical Center said Friday.

But hospital spokeswoman Jennifer Parris, citing federal regulations, declined to specify the health problems or confirm the identity of the victim.

.......Because hospitals are not required to report swine-flu cases or fatalities, the Health Department had no detailed information on the latest victim, said Dr. Kenneth S. Robinson, Shelby County Health Officer.

........Since Aug. 1, Le Bonheur's emergency department has seen more than 5,100 children with flu-like symptoms and admitted 103 of them for further treatment.

The patient influx has been so heavy it overwhelmed Le Bonheur's emergency room, forcing the hospital to erect a tent in which children could be given health screenings.
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