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Outstanding !!!
We needed a good source for referance matirial.
Thank's Kev.
Welcome too the site !!!

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The Owner Of

Hi Kev, RevPual, Grinnan Barrett,

Thank you for making me feel welcome to the forum for the ast few weeks that we have been posting here.

We are a mom and pop shop as in me and my wife make up The site is mostly info about survival and the few products we sell for the site off set the cost of running the site and allows us to write more about survival issues. Some times dad helps out from time to time.

Our products are priced to make it easy and cost effective to learn to be prepaired rather then make big bucks. We not only selling and writing about survival, but we are also living it at a family survival retreat (See my past posts for more info).

For the readers that are interested take a look at the product links below to see the massive lists and subjects that each disk includes on it.

1,600 U.S. Military Manuals, Government Manuals, And Civil Defense Manuals, Military Firearm Manuals On 2 Disks.

2,100 Firearm Manuals On One Disk. the ultimate firearms, gunsmithing DVD disk ever offered featuring over 2,100 firearm manuals, Schematics, Break Downs, Take Downs, Owner's Manuals, Rifle and Pistol Assembly's, sniper/gun training manuals, trigger assembly manuals and rifle basix manuals and SO MANY OTHER SUBJECTS THAT A LINK CAN't COVER THEM ALL

480 Alternative Energy manuals and books about how to build solar cells, solar panels and solar arrays, windmills and or wind turbines, hydrogen generators. And how to make your own biodiesel and ethanol.

Thanks for looking,

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This sounds like the right place to ask. I'm new to preparing for problems of the future and am looking for a book while I'm researching online. Basically I'm looking for a good, over-all reference/encyclopedic book on most aspects of general survival. Topics I'm wanting covered are long-term food/water/gas storage, first aid, land navigation, wilderness survival, general farming info, etc. I'm currently researching these topics online, but if something should happen before I can compile all the needed articles/books, it would be nice to have one, large reference book to fall back on. I have no idea if something like this exists, but if you recommend anything, it is much appreciated.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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