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My name is Geoff Pierce. I'm glad to have found this site for two reasons: First, I live in a hurricane zone - my family just went through Irma (we got lucky). Secondly, I'm an author who writes post-apocalyptic survival stories (I see that someone posted a review of my book on this site under "book reviews", and I thank "elviskind" for that.) I see that there are a lot of great threads on here and I'm going to enjoy learning more about how to be self-reliant (and help others if needed.)

If you're interested in my post-apocalyptic survival book, you can find it here:

Here's what the book is about: Nista is nine months pregnant, starving, and living in a cave. Her husband, Dane, thinks she’s gone crazy. And the first time she heard the voice of her unborn child, she thought she’d gone crazy, too. But the child has told her too many things, shown her too many things that have come to pass. She knows…someone is coming to usher them away from their isolated purgatory. Someone is coming to lead them through the unforgiving desert – teeming with lawless killers and savage beasts – to the last bastion of civilization, a mythical land of plenty called Manna City.

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