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Actually the geographic area just west of New York City is very conveniently located, and is a mix of many different types of terrain.

From the Pallisades (cliffs) to the Pine Barrens, from the ski slopes to the shore. It's really very nice.

Too bad they decided to put New Jersey there.

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Also Cumberland County. Rural farms, marshes, small ponds. Everyone hunts and fishes and owns a pickup truck. More like Alabama than NJ. Of course the three small cities in the county are awful but once you're outside of town, this tiny rural part of NJ really is nice.

The problem is that the rest of the state is an urban cesspool and they make all the rules. We're working on our exit plan.

Nail right on the head!

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Lived there 8 years. a few pros and a lot of cons.

1. Can't make a left turn. Jughandles. Drive through the light. Take the jughandle. Go through the light again. Fuggheadabboutit.
2. Traffic. The billionaires didn't want roads through their beautiful land, so if there is a traffic problem, you ain't goin nowhere. 4 hours stuck in traffic MANY times. Gotta take a duece? Fuggheadaboutit!
3. Crazy people. Seriously, some areas it's like they opened the insane asylum doors.
4. gun laws. already covered by others.
5. Cost of land. When a farm goes up for sale, the state buys it with your tax money to "preserve" it as a rural property (no subdividing allowed, green acres program). So you can't live there. Ain't dat nice?
6. The mafia. Yeah, they have that.
7. Property taxes. OMG. Every year, "We need another school" We need mo money. Yeah right.
8. No services personnel. They can't afford to live there and damn sure don't want to work on your air conditioner. You gotta bribe them to drive from PA. Or get a service contract.
9. No place to eat. There is the diner, with gravy laden dishes. Well, it's not, like any gravy I've had before. It is sort of like pre-diarrhea. Then there is a pizza joint like every 5 feet. So if you want greasy thin pizza, you're covered. Restaurants were there, but required a reservation made last Tuesday. And even then, you wait.
10. No place to shop. I drove to the Philly area to shop.
11. I hate NYC and it is adjacent. if you love NYC, then you are happy I guess. So many people would go on and on about how they loved NYC. That polluted dank communist hell hole, melting pot of the world's criminals.
12. When I called a rifle range to see if I could try out my AK, they were aghast. I think they would have sent a SWAT team to my house if they knew where I lived.
13. No gyms. Or at least no gyms that were not a severe health hazard. The filth was off the charts. Drove to Philly to work out. That's right, I drove almost an hour to get to a gym. And a place to buy food and clothes with reasonable price and selection. but it is nice to drive for an hour AWAY from NJ. :) The bad part was coming back.

The beach, South jersey and Barnegat bay sailing were nice. But plan on a 3 hour drive back at mininum.
Can I list Philly as a plus? Because it seemed like heaven to be out of Jersey.
Golf. Golf courses were gorgeous.
kick ass bagels.
Beer pubs resembling England. rather authentic.
Selling your house. I sold my house in 1 afternoon. Supply and demand for real estate is all screwed up.
Some really beautiful women. And they dress with style.

You can't pump your own gas. perhaps both a pro and a con.

My favorite line from the movie "Broken Arrow". the hero tapes a road flare to a 5 gal plastic gas can, lights the flare and tosses it into the path of the truck that is chasing them, blowing it to hell. The lady park ranger asks him if he learned that in survival school. "No, grew up in Jersey". was his reply. :)

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Spent a majority of my life in South Jersey (Burlington, Camden and Gloucester counties). It's the much better half of the state but still sucks balls because of the NJ laws. Cops are everywhere in NJ too, ALL the time. Taxes are crazy high and the roads are all falling apart.

[email protected]#k New Jersey..... I moved to PA a few years ago and even traveling to NJ to visit family or friends makes my stomach turn.

You guys need to GTFO of there!

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Hunterdon and also Camden County here

Haven't been here in years, Originally I am from Hunterdon County. My family has been there over 300 years. I still have family there and go there often. Currently we live in Voorhees, Camden Co, NJ. I used to be into the survival world, but a few years ago I dropped most of that and focused heavily on Primitive Skills. I'm back to see what kind of things I have forgotten, have become irrelevant, or I never learned. We hope to get a cabin with a few acres in the next few years, most likely in central NY, possibly PA or WV. Something we can bug out to.
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