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At least 19 other states, including California, have slashed court budgets and other government services as their economies have tanked, said Daniel Hall, vice president of the National Center for State Courts, a nonprofit in Williamsburg, Va.

"Courts are there to provide a fair and impartial resolution of disputes," Hall said. "When you start affecting that, you affect who we are."

An additional 10% reduction would mean "all civil cases in the state of Florida would virtually be suspended," Belvin Perry Jr., chief judge of Florida's 9th Judicial Circuit and chairman of a trial court budget commission, warned a legislative committee in Tallahassee this month.
In Newport, in the rural west, lawyer Lisa Wellman-Ally has seen a property rights trial postponed four times. Each time, she has prepared 100 exhibits, re-subpoenaed witnesses, refreshed her arguments and billed her client for the time.

"Then we would get bounced again," she said.

No new trial date has been scheduled.
In an earlier thread I mentioned there may be unintended concequencs of state budge shortfalls. This may well happen in other states, and may break down the US criminal justice system.

It is the right of evert US citizen to speedy trial by jury. This Constitionaly recognized right is being violated, because America simply doesn't have the money to afford it any more.
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