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It is the 22nd Century...
The world as we know it has fallen to ruin in the wake of the Shiva plague and a nuclear holocaust.

Civilization’s last flickering flames gutter in a small portion of the American Southwest, around the Grand Canyon.

While humanity fights to survive and rebuild on the ashes of the old world, new factions struggle for dominance: the stern Enforcers, the spiritual Lightbearers, the nature-loving Vistas, the gadget-happy Techs, the merchant-minded Travelers, and the savage Children of the Apocalypse. The conflicts and alliances between these factions create a dangerous ebb and flow that could make even bleaker the future of the Grand Canyon Province ... and of humanity as a whole.

What side will you choose? Where will you stand in the fight for the Fallen Earth?

Looks kinda cool for the gamers on here :thumb:
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