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SOLAR COOKERS How to make, use and enjoy

This guidebook is a sum of contributions from educators, engineers, long-time solar cooks and promoters, most of who served as volunteers with Solar Cookers International (SCI). Special thanks to Mark Aalfs, Paul Barth, Elinor Benes, Roger Bernard, Rick Blodgett, Barbara Blum, Bev Blum, Georgianna Borgens, Jay Campbell, Don Coan, Sherry Cole, Ramón Coyle, Maria Gonzalez, Gerri de Graaf, Tom Juring, Barbara Kerr, Barbara Knudson, Beth Luna, Dave Maize, Paul Mellersh, Bob Metcalf, John Murphy, Faustine Odaba, Joe On, Margaret Owino, Ed Pejack, Kevin Porter, Mark Rothman, Louise Seeley, Clark and Eleanor Shimeall, Randy Smith and Kim Victorine. This edition received support from the Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund and the Sacramento Area Earth Day Network. Past editions of this booklet were supported by the American Conservation Association, the Educational Foundation and the W. Alton Jones Foundation.

Leave a thank, post your opinion, anything just let me know if you find this useful.
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