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Pallet shelter

Here is a simple step-by-step quick shelter idea put together by a homeless guy in Canada.
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At my new job we literally throw away dozens of palettes that are in very good condition. I've thought of getting a few of them and making a frames over some parts of the garden and trying to keep some things like lettuce going into the winter, and getting them going earlier in the year too.

Also it's good lumber to blockade windows and things like that.
I wonder what other things you could do with palette lumber. fences? Furniture? Hmm.....
I've furnished my man cave entirely with thing i've made out of pallets they work great. Much better than milk crates.
i've furnished my man cave entirely with thing i've made out of pallets they work great. Much better than milk crates.
pictures!!!! Now!
Some of the boards or wood that is used to separate the layers of pipe in lifts of large plastic pipe is OAK(a low grade of oak)and if you pick and choseyou can get some good sized lengths of oak for projects. City works yards and companies that put in the underground services for subdivisions might be a place to look.
Places like wal-mart, Sams' Club, grocery stores, normally have to pay to have them hauled away. Talking to a manger for a few minutes will usually secure all the pallets you can want.
pallets are getting harder to find for free, I collect them whenever I can, besides
having a bunch in my basement storing my massive record collection, I use the wood for gardening projects, garage bins ect. If I raised animals there outhouses would be made of pallets. I have also started to use them for firewood and I am trying to stockpile some for the winter.
Substitute a survival blanket and some paracord and you have a light version of the same. Shouldn't you have a blanket and cord in your BOB anyway?:D:
Pallets for free?
Use that situation- it will not last for very long anymore.

Since the rise in oil prices led to an still increasing popularity in wood-fired ovens and chimneys in germany, nobody will give away pallets for free. They either give them to their own oven-owning workers - or SELL them.
That ís the situation here in germany, but i predict that the same will happen in the US.
Maybe i´ll be wrong- but take this as an advice: get them while you can (if you have enough space).
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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