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Knots: Lashings, Seizings & Splices 101 - Series

Almost any one can lash a rope more or less satisfactorily, but a knowledge of how to do this properly and in the manner best suited to each case is
of great importance to seamen and others having occasion to handle ropes, rigging, or in fact any cordage.

The varieties of lashings, seizings, whippings, and servings are almost innumerable, but a few of the best and most frequently used are the "Wedding Knot" or "Rose Lashing," the "Deadeye Lashing," the "Belaying-pin
Splice," the "Necklace Tie," the "Close Band," and "End Pointings."


Wedding Knots and Rose Lashings.
Deadeye and Loop Lashings.
Necklace Ties.
Close Bands and End
Ending Ropes.
Short Splices.
Long Splices.
Eye and Cut Splices.
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