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Knote: Shortenings, Grommets & Selvagees 101 - Series

In many cases a rope may prove too long for our use or the free ends may be awkward, or in the way. At such times a knowledge of "shortenings"
is valuable. There are quite a variety of these useful knots, nearly all of which are rather handsome and ornamental, in fact a number of them are in
constant use aboard ship merely for ornament.


Two, Three, and Fivefold Shortenings.
Single Plaits and Monkey Chain.
Twist Braids and Braiding Leather.
Open Chains.
Seized and Bow Shortenings.
Sheepshanks and Dogshanks.
Selvagee Straps and Selvagee Boards.
Flemish and Artificial Eyes.
Throat Seizings.
Lashed Splices.
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