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Build the North Woods Canoe Paddle

Full plans for building North Woods Paddles for your canoe.

"Many a paddler has stood in mystified silence watching a skilled team of North Woods travelers plying their seemingly delicate paddles across the waters of canoe country. Somehow it seems impossible, or at least improbable, that large, loaded traveling canoes could be propelled with so little apparent movement by the paddlers, with such fluid grace that scarcely raises a ripple to hint of the path of the paddle. Yet the canoe, as if governed by a mystical force, not only behaves, but behaves quickly, cleanly the way an arctic char might use the water of it's realm.

Much of the secret lies in the paddle, and the technique best suited to its use. With practice, much that is mysterious at first settles into
a sophisticated balance of properties that blend canoe, paddler, and paddle into graceful harmony." Garrett Conover
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