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Interesting new story here from two sources. Clever innovative design too, surprised it wasn't thought of sooner! The shells are supposed to be gas refilled and hold enough to fire off 3 BBs. Seems they went too close to the real thing though, as there are claims it can be converted to use real bullets or the gas cartridges filled with gunpowder. I wonder if the latter is just a potentiality.. I suppose the gas shells are tough enough for the gunpowder, being strong enough to contain compressed gas, but would the revolver itself be strong enough?

Japanese toymaker halts air gun sales
Conventional airsoft guns work using pressurized gas in the gun body to fire a plastic projectile.

However, the revolverlike Cassiopeia's pellets come in individual gas-charged cartridges, a feature touted as making the gun closer to the real thing and marketed to airsoft enthusiasts on the Internet since the company began selling the gun.
Firm probed over 'lethal' airsoft gun
Tokyo-based Tanaka Works says it has removed its Cassiopeia gun from the market over police concerns the toy could injure or kill.

Tanaka Works believes the gun is safe but has stopped shipping it and will issue a recall, said Yoshimoto Tanaka, the company's president.

Tokyo's Metropolitan Police Department last month seized 800 Cassiopeia's from the toy maker's factory after Internet fans of the gun posted messages saying it could be converted to a lethal weapon if gunpowder was used instead of the gun's pressurized gas cartridge.

Here is a US website still selling the remaining product;
The charming things about revolvers are the mechanism and the whole process of placing the shells into the chamber and Tanaka have concentrated on making this experience as authentic as possible with their new M500 revolver. As you can see from the photo above, the shells are removable, but instead of filling the gas into the bottom of the grip, each individual shell is charged with gas that is used to propel the BB held within the shell.

Japanese police have deemed this model as illegal. Tanaka has been forced to stop production of this model immediately. As a result, this has immediately become a collector's piece and will surely appreciate in value.

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i smell another gun myth episode
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