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The neoconservatives have conducted much mischief through organizations like the American Enterprise Institute during the Bush years.'s Justin Raimondo believes in the Obama era, the same scoundrels and their center-Left, pro-war brethren will be up to the same shenanigans using organizations like the Progressive Policy Institute. Writes Raimondo:

"What's rising on the left-end of the political spectrum is a new brand of neoconservatism, a 'liberal' and even 'enlightened' variety of the same old hubris-in-arms that animated the departed warmongers of American Enterprise Institute. You can forget AEI; it doesn't matter that much anymore, now that the Republicans are out of power – but get ready for PPI!

What the heck is PPI? I can hear you asking that question, and the answer is simple: it's the neocons all over again, albeit this time in 'liberal' drag.

The Progressive Policy Institute was set up by the Democratic Leadership Council, a 'centrist' Scoop Jacksonish group that aims to keep the Democrats on the pro-war straight-and-narrow: it is the War Party's intellectual outpost in the Democratic Party. These '"national security Democrats' are just as unabashedly militaristic as their right-wing counterparts over at AEI, the only difference being rhetorical. Thus, PPI's chief theoretician Will Marshall avers, in a 2005 screed hailing 'national service and shared sacrifice'":

'True patriotism is at odds with the selfish individualism that shapes the Republicans' anti-government ideology. It means accepting obligations to the community to which we all belong and must contribute if we are to enjoy the fruits of membership. In wartime, not everyone can fight, but everyone can find ways to sacrifice for the common cause. Bush has sent U.S. troops into battle, but he hasn't challenged the rest of us to do our part.'

Marshall's beef is that the Bush crowd wasn't warlike enough on the home front."
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