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What are the chances of having a section dedicated to Geographical locations? I know it borders on disclosing opsec. But I think networking is an essential part of survival that nobody wants to talk about, because the more you talk about it, the more info you sacrifice. For example, I now live in Northern Nevada. This site would be the site I would trust the most for "like minded" people I would want to get to know that might be in my neighborhood. I think unfortunately, you would have to have a section with 50 "sub-sections" under it.

I did a search on Networking and it gave out "Looking for people from Michigan" and other such topics. "Many not related to the subject of connecting and organizing".

I was wondering if the powers that be would think this is a good Idea, or should I just do the same thing under general discussions and ask if there is anyone from Northern Nevada on this board?

It seems if there are sections for specific weapons, there could be a section for specific locations. Then again it's your bandwidth and I understand and respect that. Oh, and if I'm blind and missed that section, please let me know where it is and accept my sincere apology.
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