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hey all

I need a bit of help from you guys on the forum as to what to put in my B.O.B i have a 65 lt bergen (British) so heres a little list of what i have so far:

3x MREs (one for each of us)
6x bottled water (two for each of us)
1x golok (parang)
2x electritions tape
1x decent knife
1x leatherman multi tool
10x tampons (small and compact cotton wool)
2x mag blocks w/ striker
2x 50 ft roll of para cord
8x MRE toilet paper
1x big brew kit (coffee,tea,creamer,sugar,salt ect...)
2x MRE spoons w/ can opener attached
30x tie clips
5x MRE & British matches
1x hexamine blocks
1x bag of rubber inner tube
4x trash bags
5x tea light candles
1x survival kit (fully stocked)
1x first aid kit (fully stocked)
2x lighters
1x cam cream
1x serrated folder
1x plastic type bivvi sack
1x mil-spec poncho
1x cooking set up

any suggestion would be nice ie. food,water, things like that

cheers jordan (aka SAS)

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If each of you had your own BOB you could carry a lot more stuff.

A change of clothes would be good, extra socks incase your feet get wet....

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Since your in the U.K. why dont you get a pellet gun there great for small game like rabbit and squerl. And you can carry a ton of ammo in a very small space.

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first aid kit, compass,fishin and sewin kit,

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change the 8xMRE toilet paper for a full/half roll of the real deal
change of the electrician tapes to some duct tape
Are all your fire starting materials in the same pouch/kit...if so recommend seperating in case of loss/dropping
add a couple more hexamine blocks
add some foot powder
add water purification
add more food and some high energy food (bars, trail mix)
+1 to change of clothes, extra socks
Don't see anything for shelter that can hold three (I assume based on mre statement). Consider some type of tent or a couple of tarps

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like many said...a water pur. strike anywhere about some 5 gallon jugs and some water pur. tabs.....or a good multi tool
lots of thinks u can add...or take would get rid of the MRE's and get something like mountainhouse meals instead....there better tasting...last longer...and will not back up the old pipes lol....and u can feed 2 ppl on one pack......or look at making your own.....research it....look it up.....see if u can make it...rather than buy it....but it's a good start .....just need to add here take out there....just what i think.....

who dares wins
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cheers for all your reply s greatly appreciated ohh i forgot to put

1x full box of puri tabs (50 altogether)
ponchos the shelter it acts like a tarp use the bungees to string it up between a few trees (multi use item) poncho gets swapped for a tent in the winter
the British matches are strike anywhere
yes my fire starting kits sepparated
i forgot to add i have a compass x 2 both on person at all times

regards jordan (aka SAS)
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