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need advice in purchasing rifle

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One to add a semi auto in .308 to mycollection (already have ARs, aK-47s, and Ruger mini-30...My choices are DPMS AR-10, CETME or PTR-91. DMPS and PTR-91 are about $1K, CETME is $600-650... Do not want to go over $1K and do not really like to buy used. Please advice only if you own one of the aforementioned brands..Thanks
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Check out the Rock River LAR-8. This is a sort of AR-10 rifle that uses the cheaper FAL magazines and shoots the .308 Winchester rounds. You mount a scope on top of that, use high quality ammo and zero the scope, ammo and rifle to your eyesight and you'll probably fall in love. And, no, you can NOT marry the rifle of your dreams. I checked. All kidding aside, they make great and accurate shooters.
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