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NE Georgia Monthly Meetings

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I posted this in the Ga board, but not to sure how often people check the board. Including me we have 4 people interested. I am trying to generate some or more interest. Shoot me a Pm about where you live and what kinda intrest you have. Doesnt have to be limited to just prepping. Like homesteading/off grid living, hunting ect. They kinda all go hand in hand. Just shoot a pm to me and Ill see about finding places where we can kinda meet in the middle. I live near Athens and plan on staying somewhere in the NE Ga area. Would like to try and get a meeting/ campout set up for after the holidays. Winter survival in NE Ga is a must for all of us.
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Just had a great Georgia meet and greet/campout down here last month. Finally had some folks from north of Interstate 16 show up also.

Good luck getting folks together up there. Unzenful and Tabi have had some gatherings up there and Dilligaf has also. Other than the folks that have attended those , a lot of North Georgia folks don't seem to be willing to go further than their backyard for a gathering.

They have no idea what they are missing! :thumb: Hopefully this will work out for you.
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