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I have a mere 2 acres not really off grid per se. Plans to drop a simple 10x12 shed on it. Insulate it and call it good. Later plans for a year or two are a septic system then later a small house.

Thoughts on leaving a simple old school Cobra 148 with extra channels and mount up the first 10' of top rail as a mast on the non-showing side of the shed. Leave another 10' post inside and a disassembled A99 or similar inside for EComms. Entertaining 2x 100w panels also for some juice as well. Then I would just need a set of batteries to fire it up and my other ham gear that I can haul down with me.

I do have a 34ah go box here with me already for the ham gear so that would suffice for mostly RX listening and some light 5-10w short TXing if things got squirrely.

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