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This is a simple article about land navigation with a compass. My son, Korey who at the time we took these pictures was 12 years old, helped with the making of this article.

While out on the deer lease, Korey and I decided to hike from one deer feeder & stand on one hill top, to another deer feeder & stand on another hill top. The distance between the two stands is about 1/4 - 3/8 of a mile. In the picture below, the tiny white speck is the stand we will be hiking to.

The first thing to do is get out your compass, and shoot an azimuth to the target. Just to be on the safe side, I like to use two (2) compasses - just in case one gets dropped. Here is a picture of a lensatic compass, and what it looks like shooting the azimuth to the other stand. We need to go 270 degrees.

Here is what a map compass looks like set to 270 degrees.

The path to the other stand took us through a creek bottom where we were able to stop and cool off for a little bit. The running water and the shade from the oak trees made this a nice pit stop. If you look close at the picture, on the right hand side, at the base of the closest tree, there is a black object on the ground, that is my day pack.

When you are in the woods, pay attention to what is around you. Korey and I just happened to stop right on a deer trail. Can you see the track in the middle of the picture?

As we came out of the creek bottom, I let Korey take over the navigation. He did pretty good. The brush was dense enough so he could not see the stand. The brush prevents Korey from "cheating" and just walking towards the target with it in clear view.

We spent just about 10 - 15 minutes going up hill when the deer stand came into view - we were right on target.

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Good post.
I did this with my sons and later, grandsons.
Helped keep me in practice.
Sometimes we sort of slide, on the basics.

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Cool thing to teach a kid. I've often thought that orienteering would be a good way to get experience using a compass and map...
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