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I love this idea and I am working on something similar though not as far along as you.


Dill, dill goes great with apples and will help your plant guild.

Service berry , but they get to be the size of a dwarf fruit tree without pruning.

Elder berry

Currants under the fruit trees , they do well shaded.

If your fruit trees are standards you can grow grapes or other vine crops , blackberries on the interior of the tree letting them climb up the trunk.

winter berry, small ever green ground cover both the berry and the leaves or eatable and taste like wintergreen.

Mint is anouther great ground cover if it doesnt get out of hand

Hardy rose bushes, the hips are very good for ya and some varieties grow very well naturalized.

Miners lettuce, great annual self seeder when naturalized.

Thyme, great seasoning.

Purslane, but I haven't had it personally, but the whole plant is edible.

akebia, its odd but not bad tasting.

Personally im planting so dense that ground covers will need to battle for room to grow or live in the small area I give them when everything is young.

I dont want any fescue type grass , what a waste of time.
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