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Weed 'em and reap
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I have sown and/or transplanted the following into the landscape of my orchard. The idea is to have a permaculture, so the groundcovers either produce something of value, or have a salubrious effect on the orchard trees (pest deterrent, trap crop, etc.).

This is what I have so far. What else do you recommend? I am borderline Zone 6 / Zone 5.

Comfrey (non-invasive Bocking 14 cultivar on order)
Mache / Lamb's Lettuce (salad green)
Nasturtiums (pest repellent)
English Lavender (ant repellent)
Dandelions (yes, I actually sowed them into the orchard)
Wild huckleberries (they were already there. They're EVERYWHERE)

That's what I have so far, just because that's what was at hand. Any others you recommend?
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