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National SOS/React info

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Got this from REACT this morning via email, thought some of you might be interested. Also do a google search for National SOS channel.

REACT Launches Massive Nationwide
FRS Radio Safety Campaign
REACT International, Inc., National SOS and Midland Radio, have joined forces to create the “Preparedness Partnership”. It is a huge, on-going, nationwide safety program to provide Americans with inexpensive Family Radio Service (FRS) walkie-talkies for emergencies.

When cell phones, home phones and power go down in severe weather, floods, blizzards or other emergencies, many people are left with no means of communication. FRS can help fill that serious gap.

Tiny, simple FRS walkie-talkies enable neighbors to check on one another from the safety of their homes. FRS can help people avoid panic or isolation by enabling them to communicate with nearby friends. FRS will also enable them to seek help from those neighbors, if needed.

REACT International has undertaken to offer Midland FRS walkie-talkies at minimal cost so Americans can keep in touch during emergencies. For $10.99, which includes shipping and handling, REACT will provide a quality Midland FRS/GMRS radio, a simplified owner’s manual, and operating tips to get best results in emergencies. That FRS radio will become a vital part of any family’s emergency kit.

“After hurricanes Katrina, Gustav and Ike, REACT and National SOS determined that FRS radios could help alleviate some of the misery and confusion,” REACT International president Don Manlove explained. “Midland’s support has made the ‘Preparedness Partnership’ a reality. It will improve family safety nationwide in emergencies.”

For more details on the REACT FRS radio offer, visit the newly unveiled web page found at