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National Geographic's Photography Contest 2010

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What? No topless pics of Michelle Obama? Not that I want to see them but I figured with it being National Geographic and all.............
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Get over it.
Actually, I was just slightly annoyed that you made a perverted, racial and political comment when I was just trying to remind people there this is still some good/beauty left in this world.
Well if those people keep having their way they beauty will be gone or fenced of where you can only enjoy it from a government issued postcard.

I don't like the President much either, but I do respect him and his office. Yeah, most of the people here that respond are likely gonna say that they have no respect for him, that he's taken all respect away, blah blah blah. Well, if you don't respect those that have influence/power over you and the country/land you live in, then you're at a disadvantage. Also, insulting a person's color just because you don't like him doesn't help anything.
I have ZERO respect for the man who occupies the White House, he is a socialist piece of crap and his wife isn't any better. I respect the office of the President but NOT the man in it.....(well my respect for the office has dwindled a lot since the 80's) And no, I'm not at any disadvantage becasue of that either. As for the color, well he's a political figure and she has injected herself into politics as well so that makes her fair game on whatever level presents itself. I don't have a problem with someone b/c of their race but in this case the jab went hand in hand with her heritage.

Get over it? I "got over" what you said immediately, but I won't get over what I believe and what I live by. I'm sick and tired of all the people bitching and whining about what's going on with our country. Yeah, it sucks and it seems like ****'s gonna hit the fan soon, but instead of just going on about the problems we face and other stuff we don't like and speculating about this and that, why not focus on possible solutions and ways to improve our lives?
Workable proven solutions have been offered to our current problems but the one with the final approval or veto will have NOTHING of it b/c it goes against his failed political ideology. So, we ALL get to suffer becasue Obummer is a hard headed dumb ass. With that in mind, I'll kick him around at will and I really hope for the opportunity to viciously heckle him at some future public event and look forward to his ouster in 2012.

But maybe I'm completely wrong in my opinion of you. I see that you got a reward for something on the site (congrats!), so you've obviously been here a while and likely know your stuff.

Anyway, I just wanted to make it clear where I stand since it seems that all but myself and one other person enjoyed your comment.

- Phil
Again the political "class" is what's caused our problems and they're open to whatever insults, jabs, cracks we can come up with whenever it comes to mind.

Oh yea, those were nice pictures.
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