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Anyone have experience with the Mystery Ranch Guide Lite frame?

I'm taking inventory of all my backpacks and realizing that I probably need to get rid of some. I have a couple medium ALICE packs in my collection; I don't mind the bags if on a frame, but have never loved the frame/suspension. I even put the MOLLE II straps and waist belt on it (a la HELLCAT). As I have looked into different ALICE-compatible frames, I have learned that the Guide Lite does work.

If I got a Guide Lite frame, I would get rid of:

- 1 large internal frame pack (sale already pending)
- 1 entire ALICE setup (basically a HELLCAT minus the sleep system pouch)
- 1 daypack that I use for hunting

The remaining ALICE pack could be used, or I would be able to add compatible pack bags to the frame as my needs change in the future (assuming that Mystery Ranch keeps things compatible). It is expensive, but seems that it would have a lot more flexibility, comfort, and utility versus an ALICE frame with any improved suspension that I could put on it.

Just wondering if anyone has firsthand experience that could confirm my thoughts?

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