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Here are some additional ideals and interesting historical note:

Don't Throw Them Away!

Compared to latex helium balloons, Mylar balloons last for weeks on end, but they finally lose their lift and slowly sink to the floor like all other helium-filled balloons. A Mylar balloon is far too good to throw

away, and if it can't be refilled because of a hole, it can still be used in a number of other creative ways. The graphics are colorful, and some are used to send a special message in honor of a specific occasion.

Can you imagine how many Mylar balloons are in landfills right now? Try these creative ways to reuse a Mylar balloon instead of stuffing it into the trash. Next time you have a Mylar balloon that has sunk to an all-time low, give the balloon new life, and consider these creative ways to recycle and reuse. You'll save money, and you'll do your part to help the environment when you reuse something that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

Framed Photo Backing

Instead of using a matte to embellish a framed photo, consider mounting the photo on a colorful section of Mylar balloon. Wrap a piece of cardstock of appropriate size with a piece of Mylar balloon, and affix to the cardstock it with spray adhesive or double-sided tape. Carefully attach the picture to the colorful eye-catching backing with double-side tape, and frame the photo. The silver Mylar and the colorful graphics will make a very unique framed photo unlike anything you'll find in the store.

Packing Material

When sending a birthday gift, get well gift, or any other gift by mail, search your stash of old Mylar balloons, and use one or more for packing material. A scrunched up Mylar balloon will help keep items from breaking and shifting in transit, and it's a much better choice than using expensive bubble wrap or newspapers that make black ink stains and dirty looking marks. Best of all, this creative packing material can be used and reused again for the same purpose.

Mylar® polyester film
Since Mylar® polyester film was invented in the early 1950s, it has been used in a variety of applications that add value to products in virtually all segments of the world. After nearly 50 years, the future still holds great promise for Mylar®. Its excellent balance of properties and extraordinary range of performance capabilities make Mylar® ideal for a broad array of applications in the electrical, electronics, magnetic media, industrial specialty, imaging and graphics, and packaging markets.
Mylar® polyester film, only by DuPont Teijin Films, is available uncoated or coated in a broad variety of thickness and width.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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