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Mylar bags: (1) 5 gallon or (5) 1 gallon bags?

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For your 5 gallon food storage buckets, do you use a 5 gallon mylar bag or 5 (1) gallon bags? This may be a silly question, but I was wondering if there were any disadvantages to using the 5 bag method, other than having to use 5 oxygen absorbers/hot hands.
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i am doing 1 gallon bags. more variety in a tub.
i am also storing in tubs. im using 20 gallon airtight isis tubs. they are alittle pricey, but im talking about food security. the tubs are small enough i can pick up full, and in an extreme have to bug out now. i can move the tubs faster than buckets. 1 tub is equal to 4 buckets. they also look like normal house cluttered storage. buckets when stored is not normal looking
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