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Mylar bags: (1) 5 gallon or (5) 1 gallon bags?

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For your 5 gallon food storage buckets, do you use a 5 gallon mylar bag or 5 (1) gallon bags? This may be a silly question, but I was wondering if there were any disadvantages to using the 5 bag method, other than having to use 5 oxygen absorbers/hot hands.
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I buy the 5 gal bags and use as required..

For instance 10 pounds of beans.. then double seal.. cut between the double seal (if YOU are ME that's quadruple seal), creating a second bag, fill second "bag" as desired then double seal..

...lather, rinse and repeat.. ;)

(Or don't cut them apart and have a string of "proper sized" bags.) wind up with bags better sized for contents and less air space in each..

I have one such string that has several pounds of rice, a few pounds of beans, a couple cups of oil, and salt.. all in their separate but together bags.. as it were..
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