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There's no real drawback to using 5 1 gallon bags, other than you won't be able to get quite as much food in the bucket as you would with 1 5 gallon bag. It can be handy to package some foods in smaller packages. But spend some time considering which foods first.

For example, many foods such as rice, beans, etc., are fine for a year or more after opening. If your family is eating out of the buckets, you'll be using it up in plenty of time. Other foods such as maybe peanut butter powder or tomato powder, are generally things you will use at a slower rate. Being powdered and tending to absorb moisture from the air, they benefit from smaller packages, as do herbs and spices, etc.

So for your bulk staple foods, they might be better off in 5 gallon bags, while others work better in smaller bags.

Some people are making "self contained" buckets with smaller packages of things they will use together. Such as foods plus spices, or perhaps breakfast, lunch and dinner items all packaged together. I can see having a few of those made up for grabbing in an emergency where you may have to take off with only what you can carry.
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