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Mylar bags: (1) 5 gallon or (5) 1 gallon bags?

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For your 5 gallon food storage buckets, do you use a 5 gallon mylar bag or 5 (1) gallon bags? This may be a silly question, but I was wondering if there were any disadvantages to using the 5 bag method, other than having to use 5 oxygen absorbers/hot hands.
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I would think the advantage to using five 1-gallon bags is so you can more easily diversify your food storage. In other words, each five gallon bucket can contain 1-gallon bags of five different foods. One bucket has rice, beans, flour, powdered milk, etc. When you are packing up to bug out and run out of space in your vehicle and have to leave 10 buckets behind or if something contaminates half of your buckets in the basement (flood water for example), you will still have a variety of food in each bucket so you can make complete meals.
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