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I just missed half of Feb. as i was in the hospital for the last 13 days.
Twice they tested me for the super virius and it's spooky as can be when they come at you all gowned up.
They threw every thing at me to respond and were throwing up there hands .

I was just almost stable but wouldn't be able to sustain it for to many days , I was getting closer to shutting down and on the razor edge of permanently crashing.

My mornings were filled with different Docs of different disciplines firing away with qt's and a Chaplin came and let me know he was available.

Docs were saying they wouldn't blame me for seeking treatment elsewhere.
I was in for a fight for survival.

I said NO !! .... its your problem it ....draw upon all your resources in the hospital and I told him to get advice from 2 different teaching hospitals one that they are affiliated with and another that I recommended from past experience.

They then suspected a powerful drug I take was at fault so offto the lab ( and they had to hunt for a lab that could do the test as it's a rare test) found out results would be 2 weeks out and I wouldn't last that long.

Started throwing all types of pills and nasty drinks at me based on there assumption hoping that some would work.
Lab tests daily and medicine adjusted daily.
Some success but not nearly enough bought me some more time.

They gave me a general diet change ( as strangely I still had an appetite which they were surprised at) and I said NO !!!

I suggested a much more old time specific one and I would need their dietitians help..they agreed...and backed off of one med to see what my idea brought to the table.

Then another rarely used drug with sourced for a fix and did the trick
after the third time of using it I STARTED TO RESPONDED WITH GREATER LEAPS.

Come to find out I am one of those less than 1% of the pop that my genetic make up is missing a certain component
The original powerful drug used for 2 &1/2 weeks prior in my hospitalization was now acting as a POISON !!.

I'm home with just some slight brain fog and short term memory loss which i'm sure will dissipate.

I credit my own due diligence as a patient advocate along with working as much as I can as well as working out on exorcise equ. at home as much as I can tolerate also.

Docs as well as my employer are surprised I'm even working these past few months.

I found out the owner of where I work told key people I work with to keep an eye on me but give him a wide bearth.
Work gives me purpose , I can afford not to at this stage of my life but I'm not wired that .
I have family there that are high achievers and the owner takes care of his people.
I was hired to turn a department around and I brought a coworker with me after I proved myself.
I had no interest in supervision but to play a role as mentor and groom this young man to run this dept...he's working out well.
The dept is running the best it has in the history of the company (over 100%) vs at 50% when I started.

Being in the best shape as best you can be goes a long ways ...

That's being a SURVIVALIST just as much as having the others things needed.

It' actually your first prep.....Your Health .

You can do alot of good things along with getting away with a few bad things in food and lifestyle for many decades.
Eventually your body wont cash the check you wrote against it and will let you know in no uncertain terms to cut it out.

It's another PREP !!!

I told the main Doc thanks for not giving up on me .
I said your as good as anyone at Mayo and you'll be able to breeze right through the tough cases from now on.

I offered a custom cookie for him and his team in my room.

He said NO ! it for the nurses.

i Said NO !!

They already have cookies as my family bought for the
whole floor....we show appreciation.

The head nurse said they wish they could line the hallways as a send off.
My last nurse called me after I got home to see if I was ok and said she would pray for me.
Another nurse there had brought her single daughter in to meet my single son.

Life is good!

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No question that health is one of the most vital preps. I also recall, from various readings of mine, that "bad" patients have this habit of getting sent home to die and then changing their diet, finding an obscure treatment, or just plain stubborning it out and getting well anyway. So well done. Sounds a bit like you might have been a bad patient.

I seem to recall that the 3rd leading cause of accidental death in the US is properly prescribed medicine. Good thing you didn't become part of that statistic.

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Bad patient huh ...that's rich.

Actually I'm very conscious of what I eat , very little processed food no high fructose products, vegy's out of the garden .

My weight is ideal for my height.

Wife cooks mostly home cooked meals.
Honey, sourgum, maple syrup ...natural sugars only.

Grew up with probably the biggest garden in our county which supplied us the whole year all 6 of us.
My parents live in there home at age 88 &92. Most relatives live into the high 80's.
It makes you think your bullet proof.

Actually I was warned to stay away from most dairy products for optimum health.
I never had a problem with lactose and still don't so that surprised me a bit, I do like my dairy.

So it has been cold turkey on most dairy and surprisingly I don't miss it.

Unsweetened almond milk makes a decent gravy for my Sunday biscuits and gravy tradition.

I'll be making my own almond milk shortly ...less processing.

Getting a strong distrust of our food supply...will be expanding the garden greatly and sourcing my meat directly from the farm.

I'm transitioning to a mostly vegan diet with small amounts of meat.
Did I just actually say that?

I feel great ....well that may be a bit of a stretch .

Under my circumstances I'm doing OK and won't ease off till I'm 100%

I have a whole bucket list full of things I want to do when I retire and none of it is for sissys.

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So what are the survival skills that saved your life? It seems like the doctor did that, not survival skills.

Being healthy? That's a prep....

Just curious, as I might learn something.
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The doctor was throwing his hands up and couldn't come up with a diagnosis.
This doctor was highly rated and highly experience and said he wouldn't blame us if we sought treatment else where.

So in a survival situation there is no take ownership of the problem and work it .

He (the doctor)was clearly out of his comfort zone .

I have a knack for building confidence with employees that are out of there comfort zone.
I've been told I have a calming effect on people . I can steer them in the right direction and with some guidance along the way get them to solve problems they didn't think they were capable of.
Then I give them full credit for it and poo poo what I did to help get them there.
That builds confidence!

I get paid very well for this...I know the owners get nervous when I'm not there.
Wen I got back one of the owners thought he'd get me up to speed being out for 2 weeks.
I laughed and told him I was in touch texting from my hospital bed I've been up to speed.

I talked to my doc like an employee ( my insurance company hired him for me ..Right??)

There is no room to panic in a survival situation.

My post talked about a department at 50% efficiency that I brought up to over 100% efficiency and we are not stopping there...continuous improvement.
The owners are grateful for what I brought to the table.

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I have a serious illness since last august and this is one of 2 setbacks that just about took me out.

I should be good to go after one more hurdle maybe 3 months.Major surgery going to have 2 surgeons work on me.
Doc says weight train as best you can it aids in recovery.

Thankful I married an RN as she has been a strong advocate for proper treatment.
Docs, nurses aren't always up to speed just from patient overload.

I would strongly recommend if you have some serious issues to seek out a RN whether a relative or trusted friend to go with you and be your advocate.

I'm lucky as my retired RN wife can go with me and if not she has many retired RN friends that would be happy to go.

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Have you heard of the show "Mystery Diagnosis?" You should apply...they do cases just like you.

In my case I had abdominal pain and depression as my main symptoms, never thought they were related, no one else did either... turned out I am bipolar. An easy fix once I had the medication.

I am glad you are doing better. My husband was poisoned by Bactrim back in 2008 and has had severe neuropathy ever since. It is very rare but it happens if you are folic acid deficient.
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Yeah Purplekitty the docs don't tell you about any side effects and you really don't ask if they think it will help you.
I still have some lasting effects that with more drugs should dissipate in 3 weeks.
The drug that turned the corner for me was $300 out of my pocket as the insurance company doesn't want to pay for it.
My work says to see if I can get a medical necessity waiver and if not they will go to bat for me .
Between the 2 companies they own they have to be paying millions in premiums.

The owners (father and his 2 sons) are genuine Christians that care about there fellow man.
The father told me while back " if you need anything at all that I can help you with you will ask Right"?
How can you not love working for people like that.

I'm set financially ,wife wants me to retire now , I said no I'm not done with my department, another year to train people
and then they shouldn't miss me

Some of these drugs are borderline dangerous . You would think they would take the time to perfect them before they release them to the public.

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Sadly, my good friend and solid gun guy, moved to SW Texas a few years back---medical care there isn't exactly state-of-the-art there---became ill and was mistreated for several different possibilities---none of which was actually the real problem---the more treatments he got, the sicker he became as some of the drugs had major bad side effects---like killing your lungs (!). Poor guy ended up spending one day short of a year being moved to various medical facilities across the state and dying without ever knowing what was actually wrong with him---much suffering with no knowledge of what the real problem was---RIP my friend...
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