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This is my survival pack or BOB, but I don't really like that term. It is based off of a wilderness survival situation. The duration that I am planning for is 7-10 days, with the tools to find food, water, and shelter indefinitely. Since I am new to this site but not to this idea, I am going to post a couple pics of my older configurations. Then I will post my latest one, which already needs updating.

This is an older configuration which I will call Gen 1. It was in a Med. Alice Pack. I have dropped some things since this picture that I have found I didn't really need or didn't have room for. The fleece jacket, buttpack, survival manual, 8x10 tarp, zipties, shake light, and mora knife are some of the things dropped.

This is Gen 2. It was in a Jansport Indio 50 pack. Some of the changes from this setup were dropping the GI boot socks (they were cheap and need upgrading), moving the platypus bladder, HeatSheet, and IMPS-Net to the GHB (which I will post next), and making a smaller version of my FAK.

This is the latest version of my BOB or Gen 3. This is how it is currently packed except for one clothing item that has been changed.

Spec-Ops T.H.E. Pack

I really like this pack. It is smaller than the hiker-style I had before, so I am running a little tight on space. I am wondering if I could fit a Kifaru medium pod under this pack. This pack is definitely tougher than pack I had before, which was only 500D.

Here is the tools and smaller items in the pack.

Pelican 1040 Dry Case
Ziplock Freezer Bags (3)
Duct Tape (10 yards)
Leatherman Wave
Pocket Widgy Pry Bar
USGI Sharpening Stone
Fishing Kit (in OD match case)
Norton's U.C.S.
RIR Memo Pad
Mechanical Pencil
Mini Sharpie (Red and Black)
55 Gal 4 mil Trash Bags (2)
LED Light Sticks (2)
Princeton Tec Quad LED Headlamp
AAA Batteries (3)
Sewing Kit
USGI Earplugs
USGI Trip Wire (80 ft-OD)
Cottonball/Vaseline Tinder
Wetfire Tinder (4)
Bic Lighters (2)
First Aid Kit
Playing Cards
Sanitary Kit
Lightload Camp Towel
Toilet Paper
Wet Wipes
Purell Hand Sanitizer
Foot Powder (1 oz)

Camelbak Unbottle (3L)
MSR Miniworks EX Filter
Katadyn Tabs (30)
Nalgene Bottle (1Qt)

The only thing that I want to add to this section is a MSR Dromedary Bag (4L). I am happy with the filter, bladder, and nalgene. I haven't tried the Katadyn tabs yet, but they are supposedly excellent.

Mountain House Freeze Dried Meal
Mainstay 1200 cal Ration (3)
Harvest/Cliff Bars (4)
Propel Drink Mix Packets (10)
Salt (2oz)
Stainless Steel Canteen Cup (wrapped w/ 27ft paracord)
Light My Fire Spork

This section could use some work. The mainstay ration and bars are getting old, so they will be replaced with new versions. I am going to add 3-4 MRE entrees to round out the food. The canteen cup will be replaced with a MSR Titan Kettle. I want to add a stove. I haven't decided between the Trailstove (wood burning) or a MSR pocket rocket or similar (canister).

GI Poncho
AMK Thermolite Bivy
Alum. Tent Stakes (6)
Paracord (~75ft)
Thermarest Ridge Rest Pad

This section will have to be modified soon. The poncho, paracord, and pad are all good, except that I have been using the paracord for other uses and need to put another 50-100 ft in. The thermolite bivy did not pass my testing. It is a first generation and is not durable enough. It developed a tear. It will be discarded when I get my new sleeping bag. I also want to find a good gortex bivy. I had a AMK Heetsheet, which got moved to the GHB, so I want to get one of the larger casualty blankets for the BOB. Some stronger tent stakes will need to be added.

Camp Soap (4oz)
Contact Solution
Contact Case
Spare Contacts
Lightload Camp Towel
Razor Head
Vial of Vitamins (9)

I need to add a spare pair of glasses and change out the crappy camp soap for some Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap. Also, ditch the wet wipes from the earlier picture for some Hoo-Ahhs.

Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Heavyweight Polypro Bottoms
Nylon Balaclava
Polypro Glove Liners
Fleece Watch Cap
Boonie Hat
Synthetic Insulated Socks
Wool Insulated Socks

I am assuming that I will be wearing seasonally appropriate clothes when I bug out. My choices for clothes is mainly to increase warmth of the clothes I am wearing. I changed out the cotton t-shirt for a synthetic one and need to add some boxer-briefs and lightweight boot socks (3 pair).

Son Of Liberty
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Great job!!!!

What about a map and a protractor?

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How would a Esbit stove and a dozen Trioxene tabs work for ya ???? Small , light .

My pack is a long way from yours . Lost of good ideas . !!

Per Mare Per Terram
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Wow, that's almost perfect, but you should try and see about getting some hexamine stoves. A million uses. well, 3 major ones. cooking obviously, a piece of hexy block smaller than your fingernail can get a decent fire going, and he can burn when wet, to a degree. And also, with some jiggery-pokery the stove itself can be turned into a snare.

Per Mare Per Terram
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I wouldn't know how to compare it to the Alice. I pretty much use a slightly modified version of the British Military's gear with a high powered air rifle instead of the real one (because it's illegal in the UK). I Have two kits. One very large one for if I know that I'll only have what's in my pack to keep me alive for a long while, the space in that is mainly taken up by the supplies for a more comfortable permanent shelter. And a lighter daysack if i need to be really quick on my feet, the is almost the same, but without the sleeping back, roll mat, basha, camo netting, etc. All the stuff that takes up Space. The large military bergen i have is probably about the same size as a large Alice pack, maybe bigger. I'll put some photo's up tonight.

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I'm not sure as I've only used other peoples equipment but am getting my own stuff in pieces. I have recently bought some nice climbing rope, it was originally around $60, but I got it on sale for $25 (£15) because it wasn't a "hot enough" item for the store. I'd think a few quick detach carabiners, some locking style carabiners, some gloves and a few other items and you'd be set. And you could get that for around, say, $50 (£30). Not much when you consider that you could climb up most areas, repel them, even hoist deer if need be. It doesn't have to be a sheer cliff to need the items either. They have many other purposes, too. Hoist up gear, etc, etc. List goes on a long ways. What I'm looking for is a source for such gear.

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Don't forget the TP!
When I was on a K9 sar team in Colorado we were requirered to carry enough gear to stay out overnight.
I carryed:
1 advanced first aid kit
1 5x7 tarp
2 qts water
1 canteen cup
1 esbit stove w/several heating tabs
1 bic lighter w/ several kitchen matches
1 rain gear top and bottom
1 insulated drinking cup
1 camp towel
1 balacava and beanie
3 cans food
1 ea. fork and spoon
1 compass w/maps
4 hot chocolate drinks and some tea bags
3 can openers
1 small knife
1 camp hatchet
1 pair snow shoes
1/2 lbs dog food
1 ea folding dog food and water bowl
plus whatever I was wearing

I think that's about it and I felt I had everything I needed to stay out in the snow overnight, keep in mind this is fairly light weight as I needed to spend more time searching with my dog than just going on a camp out but it gives you an idea of just how little you can get by with if needed.

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Items to consider adding to the kit.

Combination Finger and toenail clippers
Small metal file and knife sharpening stone
Foot care product to prevent and treat issues with your feet.(Later I saw that you included Gold Bond)

Moleskin, antibiotics and liquid stitches in the first aid kit
Dental Emergency filling repair kit
Small container of Oil of Cloves ( Tooth ache Treatment)

All of these may seem minor but they are useful for fixing and treating situations that pop up without notice and that affect your ability to function from a mental standpoint.
The body and mind is your most important survival tool that you always have with you. So make it a point to maintain it and service it.

Still a great kit , thumbs up ! that would provide a level of comfort in most situations.
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