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I live out in the country so I can legally hunt on my own land. I own about fifty acres. Right now it's bow season, so in the closet by the front door I stashed my bow and a quiver of arrows just in case I saw a big deer outside, I could take off after it.

Last season, we had a bad season and didn't get a single deer. This season, we haven't hunted big game yet, but went after some squirrels that live in the area.

So the story goes like this. My fourteen year old sister is sitting in the kitchen and eating a bowel of cereal while still in her PJs. She doesn't have school today so she got up late. She looks up and she sees three deer entering the back yard. One of these deer was a buck with a nice rack of antlers.

She whispers my name, I look over at her and she points to the window.

"Go get the bow," I told her.

She gets up and grabs the bow. I take out her hunting jacket and basically dress her with it. I spray some cover scent on her and we sneak off through the front door.

We creep around to where the barn is. She notches an arrow and takes aim while concealed around the corner. The deer starts walking towards us a little bit so she stays patient and still. The buck gets within thirty feet of us which is pretty close. She lets the arrow fly.

The deer goes down with the first shot.

As the deer goes down I whisper "great shot" but the Does go running. I grab the bow, notch an arrow, and try to take down one of the does. I let my arrow go, but it flies far to the right.

She runs out and kneels behind her Buck. My other brother runs in and grabs our camera (we don't have a digital one, so no pics yet). He takes a few pictures. Then I notice something, she didn't have any shoes on.

The funny thing is she got her first buck while still in her pajamas and barefooted.

Now that's a kill to remember.

Usually I wouldn't shot them in my backyard, because I don't think that it's sporting, but I let my sister do it so she could get her first deer. Next time, I'll make her get dressed and we'll let them go in to the woods and actually go through and do the whole hunting thing.

I think I'm going to let my aunt turn the buck skin in to a jacket for her. I got a little buck skin from two seasons ago, and can always go buy some from a neighbor who has had a good season.

When I get the pictures, I'll scan them and post them up. It's kind of funny.
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