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There is a New World Order ,as opposed to the Old World of Chaos, on Farmer and Farmerswife,s farm......
Food stockpiled high in a safe place.
Diesel on hand in case of emergencies.
tools available and extras .
Chickens and eggs.
Sheep and Cattle.
Horses for transportation if need be.
Dogs for alarm and guard
Cats for the rats
Homemade bread
Homemade beer
Wood stove
Outside campfire for cooking in the ho weather
Timber and wood supply
Canning and drying facilities in place.
Information stored at hand for reference
Medical supplies
surplus clothing ,sheets ,blankets towels etc
Guns and Ammo
Seeds, herbs, cuttings,
Numerous other needs .
I like this New World Of Order, compared to the mundaness the average person,s life.(eat sleep, work, plan holiday,watch sleep work plan holiday, watch TV and so on)
Make hay while the sun shines everyone.

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:D: I'm beginning to embrace this NWO meself.
Before I always assumed that whatever I needed could be had with a short trip to town. Then I saw the light and began planning much further in the future than I ever thought would be necessary.
Pantry is full of canned venison.
Freezer is at capacity also.
Ike supplied me with enough downed hardwood to see me through a few winters,'s cut and stacked in the barn.
Chickens are still laying,....wish they would take a break, fridge is about full. LOL
Garden is doing real well,.....we are supposed to get some sleet tomorrow, so the green beans may need to be covered. The rest will be able to take the cold.
I did more work this Fall than I ever had out here, took fewer fishing trips to combat the choas. Now is time to reap the rewards, wood stove is loaded and ready to fire up, will be brewing shortly.:thumb:

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I'm not there yet unfortunately, but looking-forward to it.

Sitting on my little "Fort Knox of green beans" feels good, but currently feel like I'm in the pressure-cooker - so many preps so little time.
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