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My new spr build!

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so im super excited. just got done building my first ar 15. i built an spr-ish style because i already have the regular shorty carbine type.

first i gotta say,for anyone debating building vs buying. i suggest building. you might not save money but you can build it just like you want it. i think if i bought an ar15 the way i built it,it'd be around 1800 bucks,i built it for much cheaper.

the parts used were:
Aero Precision OD green matching upper/lower
Rock River Arms lower parts kit with single stage trigger
JP trigger springs
Spikes Tactical buffer and tube
Spikes Tactical bolt carrier group
Spikes Tactical charging handle
Magpul CTR stock
Troy Alpha rail 15 FDE
Black Hole Weaponry 18" SPR profile
Yankee Hill Phantom flash hider
rifle length gas tube
low profile gas block


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here is a few more pictures.

Troy Alpha rail: this is an awesome rail. i got the 15" version in flat dark earth. for how long it is,its very light. it weighed in at around 13oz. it installed super easy and is rock solid. the holes feel rough yet grippy at the same time. if you have tender hands they sell some rubber hand protectors.

Magpul CTR stock: This stock is a large improvement over the standard ar15 stocks. it feels sturdier and more comfy. it has a 1/4" rubber butt pad which grips into your shoulder. its a 6 position stock but has an additional friction lock which takes out all the wobble found in traditional stocks. in the future i might replace with the Magpul UBR stock. its heavier which will better balance the rifle. right now its kinda front heavy.

Black Hole Weaponry barrel: i dont know how accurate this barrel is yet but as to the fit and finish,its beautiful. its a stainless steel barrel thats coated in some kinda finish. almost feels powder coated. its .88" in diameter up to the gas block then drops to .75" till the muzzle. its a rifle length gas system which is what i wanted. all my others have the shorty carbine and mid length gas systems. the always felt snappy to me. the rifle length systems are supposed to be a bit smoother and more reliable. the barrel has a 1-8" 3 polygonal rifling bore and a 223 Wylde chamber. i chose the 1-8" just to end the debate between 1-9" and 1-7" twists. ive read it can handle the widest ranges of bullet weights but who knows. ill only be shooting 62gr fmj and 69gr mkhp only.


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the Specs for the gun:
weight(unloaded):7lb 1oz
barrel length: 18" medium contour
Overall length(35" collapsed)

Upgrades as money allows:
FDE upgraded pistol grip
back up iron sights
timney trigger
magpul sling
magpul UBR stock
aero precision lightweight scope mount
1-4x,2-7x,3-9x scope(havent decided.

i wanted a semi auto precision rifle that was lighter then my PTR-91. i achieved that. this weighs 7lbs,my ptr-91 weighs 10lbs(both unloaded without optics)
i wanted an ar15 with a rifle length gas system
i wanted an ar15 with a longer then normal(16") barrel. i dont know why more ar15s dont sport 18" barrels. you gain around 100fps and it doesnt make the gun much longer. its short either way. almost everyone who buys it wont be clearing rooms with it so who cares about a few inches. and with the 18" barrel you can use a rifle length gas sytem. i also get almost not weight penalty.this weighs equal or less then the shorty 16-inchers with the quad rails and all the tacticool ****


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I went with a legion firearms barrel for my DMR/SPR build and have to say that I'm sold on the 18" mid-length, polygonal 1-8" twist setup
sub moa? whats its favorite ammo?
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