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My new spr build!

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so im super excited. just got done building my first ar 15. i built an spr-ish style because i already have the regular shorty carbine type.

first i gotta say,for anyone debating building vs buying. i suggest building. you might not save money but you can build it just like you want it. i think if i bought an ar15 the way i built it,it'd be around 1800 bucks,i built it for much cheaper.

the parts used were:
Aero Precision OD green matching upper/lower
Rock River Arms lower parts kit with single stage trigger
JP trigger springs
Spikes Tactical buffer and tube
Spikes Tactical bolt carrier group
Spikes Tactical charging handle
Magpul CTR stock
Troy Alpha rail 15 FDE
Black Hole Weaponry 18" SPR profile
Yankee Hill Phantom flash hider
rifle length gas tube
low profile gas block


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