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A BIG Thanks to my mom (r.i.p. mom) for living for "someday"

packing away a little fuel for emergencies

Save some dry wood cut into small pieces in old recycled jars.

Pat down to pack it or carefully pack it from the top using a hammer to further break pieces so more will fit. You could also place small bits of paper to ensure your fire will start.You don't want to be caught with none.

Tighten the lid & store.

Wait for emergency & you have small bits of fuel for cooking or staying warm all ready.All it cost you was the work & empty jars that were probably destined for the trash.

you can read my tribute here :

my mother lived for "someday"
Source: I originally got inspired watching a video on this channel :
I don't know if this is the exact video he shows his cooking fuel (sticks) in a plastic peanut butter jar or not but in one of his videos he does. I was also led to purchase that stove,just so I could use the fuels laying around my yard. With walnuts available as well,I will have a good go at any emergency that comes our way ! The hulls burn hot though,so be aware.

By melody_yesterday from Otterville, mo
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