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Hi. My plan is starting to take a more solid form. This is how I want my living situation to look like in 18-24 months:

My home: The Yurtworks Deschutes series home. It's inexpensive, has excellent insulation, granted it's kinda homely on the outside but the inside is airy and has a nice feeling about it

Link to the floorplan:

The location requirements: 5+ Acres outside of 6 miles but within 15 miles of Springfield, Oregon. Excellent southern exposure with a mix of tree's, pasture, and farmland. Wife has nixed riverfront property because of safety concerns (1 baby, working on 2 more) otherwise i would already have my spot (grrr). These parameters offer enough distance for safety but access to markets, work, family & social life.

Vehicles: Selling my 1982 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce :( We're paying off and keeping our current 03 Volvo v70 wagon. It's too perfect for us. Space for the dogs, 240hp, 30mpg freeway, perfect.
Adding:pHV Prius. Starting with a 2004-2007 Prius i'll add a $7,500 plug in capability.
Link to story:

Power: Combination of Solar and wind to power the home and the Prius. I haven't really started on the nitty gritty research i need to do to decide on the perfect package but this is an idea:
supplemented by:

My current plan is for 2 out-buildings. One is a combination storage facility/chicken house that backs up to the garden. My mom does this and it works well. She houses her gardening tools in half and the chickens use the other half.

Second i'm still planning but what i have so far is a large circular building that is divided into 3 pies with a furnace in the middle. First is a wood shop (with a corner pottery wheel). Second is a smithing shop. Third is a general purpose food preparation type place. It will have tons of shelves with canning stuff, smoke house, a grain grinding wheel. I'm trying to figure out if I could somehow use the same central wood furnace for canning and the smith shop but i'm not too sure how that would work out.

all the time i have for now, more to come...

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