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1. Find a tough and cheap mosquito netting.
2. spray paint base camo colors. dye might be less odorous.
3. Buy synthetic yarn. (hydrophobic)
4. Thread yarn with a big ass needle (ask your mama). weave in and out, pull lots of slack and leave some slack in between. Cut in between and tie both sides of yarn which is hanging about three inches on either side of netting.
5. Do this with different colors.
6. wash a few times to get paint smell off for hunting.

*A faster way may be to make tassels or pompoms then run thru netting. it takes up more space and less threading and weaving.
*Each side of netting a different camo color for different conditions.
*Burlap is good but it hold water more than other materials. Just dont do the whole thing out of burlap.
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