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This is my everyday carry. It goes wherever i go, sometimes its left in the truck, but its always close by. I usually have more with me in the truck and ofcourse at home, but i figure in a worst case scenario this is the bare minumum i will have. Take a look, i would be interested in comments. Is there anything i am missing?

-Maxpedition Jumbo versipack
-FN FNP-45 loaded w/16 rounds + 3 extra 15 round mags
-Surefire E2D Led Defender flashlight w/6 extra CR123 batteries
-Leatherman Skeletool
-Benchmade Axis knife
-$100 in $1 dollar bills
-2 emergency blankets for warmth or shelter
-100 ft of para cord
-pack of 15 hand/face wipes
-Colegate wisp mini toothbrushes (just in case)
-Small first aid kit including Aleve & Allergy pills
-Snake bite kit
-2 packs of waterproof matches
-40 ft of duct tape
-Small sewing kit
-permanent marker
-3 Coleman camp towels
-Coghlans survival kit in a can
-Coghlans waterproof bag (holds most of the small stuff)
-Pepper spray
-Loctite extreme all temperature glue
-Maxpedition water bottle & purification tablets (not pictured)


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I like the idea but I would include a couple of bottles of water or little packs of emergency water, some fuel tabs like we used to use in Viet Nam and a bit of nourishment in the form of energy bars and/or hard candy. I would also think about including a mixture of small change to use in emergencies. You might just come across that soda machine in the middle of nowhere that still takes coins but no dollar bills. Since you are out in Arizona your weather can go from extreme hot to extreme cold in minutes, especially at night. Your survival kit, as I'm sure you know, needs to be set up both for your needs and your regional conditions. I don't know what the rest of your stuff in your car is but I would hope that you can survive bitter cold nights out there. Those thin space blankets probably won't be really good as they're made for basic survival and not for serious survival. They're a "make do" item when nothing else is available. How about a decent size tarp and a couple of tent poles to use with it? Got one of those in the trunk of the car? Maybe 4 or so ponchos to use to make a tent? Got a cell phone? Got a charger in your car? Even if the car quits working you can use the last of the energy in the car's battery to top off your cell phone battery. If, by some miracle, the phone system continues to work at least you can call home to let them know you're okay and headed their way. If the phone system doesn't work, maybe you can salvage the battery to use it in some other way or the other parts of the phone.

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I keep alot in the back of my 3/4 ton suburban. I have a tent, tarps, water, gas, assorted mountain house freeze dried foods, blankets, sleeping bag, poncho, a small propane stove w/propane, tools, axe, etc.. I have enough in there to go a few weeks. All of that is neatly packed in tubs and a backpack, all stuff i cant fit in this bag. This bag is what i have when i go outdoors hiking or even to park n swap.

Small change is a good idea. I also have some of those fuel tabs i can toss in there.

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I have a similar setup, but I use a 5-11 PUSH Pack.

The contents are essentially as follows...
Rayovac AAA LED penlight
a pair, small EMT shears
a blue pen
AAA LED flashlight
hand sanitizer spray
Coleman waterproof lighter
Light My Fire Swedish Firesteel - Scout
Emergency Poncho
Emergency Blanket
Multi-tool w/hammer & hex wrench
Mini-tool w/pliers, knife and LED
~21 dB ear plugs
125 mL emergency water
instant cold compress
bottle of Potable Aqua & Neutralizer
Coghlan Survival kit-in-a-can
5 Cliff bars
silicon cloth
roll of camp toilet paper
pack of toilet seat covers
2 42-gal 3mm contractor bags
2.5-gal water bag
100 ft 550/paracord
2 Sharpies; 1 orange, 1 green
4-in-1 whistle/compass/thermometer/magnifying glass
2 lightsticks; 1 green, 1 yellow
5-in-1 whistle/compass/flint/mirror/waterproof matchcase containing:
20 waterproof matches
9 Strike-Anywhere matches

7 in x 10 in Coghlan waterproof pouch containing:
2 sinkers
2 firesticks
9-hr candle
signal mirror
2 fish hooks
2 safety pins
2 razor blades
spool of thread
3ft snare wire
12ft nylon rope
30ft fishing line
35ft nylon cord
48ft orange trail tape
duct tape roll
magnesium/flint bar
8 Wetfire firestarters

7 in x 10 in Coghlan waterproof pouch containing:
50 .75 in x 3 in adhesive bandages
30 .375 in x 1.5 in adhesive bandages
6 butterfly closures
3 knuckle bandages
adhesive tape roll .5 in x 2 yds
10 cotton tip applicators
4 finger split
21 alcohol wipes
3 povidone iodine wipes
3 sting relief wipes
21 antiseptic towelettes
lip ointment packet
4 2-pack electrolyte tablets
4 2-pack non-aspirin tablets
4 w-pack of antiacid
4 sterile gauze 2 in x 2 in
4 sterile gauze 4 in x 4 in
trauma pad 5 in x 9inches
pair of vinyl examination gloves
pair of scissors
4 splinter removers
2 antibiotic ointment packs

There are a few other things which aren't included in the kit because they are a part of my EDC. I am currently trying to find a 16 oz. water bottle that I like to include in the remaining available expanding pocket

With the exception of one major change (deletion of item not currently listed from contents:D:) this bag goes with me all over the place.

When I find my camera, I will post some pictures.


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Always good to have cash... though as a personal preference I stagger the denominations. Waving a $20 in front of someone's face has a different psychological effect than waving a bunch of $1's. I do see the practicality in having all $1's though. Herd Sniper beat me to it with the quarters; I can't count how many times in college I was stopped cold at the vending machine by that big glowing "COINS ONLY" sign...

If you ever find your EDC to be getting cumbersome, I would humbly suggest shedding a mag or two or trading them for a juice/water pouch and some energy bars. I'm glad you take steps to protect yourself, but pound-for-pound, you are much more likely to need the food and water than all of that extra steel and lead. If you don't mind the weight thats cool; I just know from experience that if a carry rig gets too heavy, you will be persuaded to not carry it as much, and then it does you no good.

On my person I usually have a flashlight, multitool, knife, lighter, cash, and some means of protection when feasible. Due to the nature of my job I bring lots of snacks with me anyway. I also keep a "go bag" in the car, in which I put the usual emergency stuff most people have cited. Glad everyone is putting that trunk space to good use! :D:

I found one way to have a poor-man's dinner without lugging cookware around: those mountain house freeze-dried camping packets can be prepared by adding 16 Fl Oz of water to the pouch and letting it sit. That is almost exactly the amount of water in most disposable water bottles (the kind you buy in bulk anyway.) In a pinch, you can hold the water bottle itself over a fire to heat the water:
I always try to eliminate the need for different gear when it is possible; makes the go-bag lighter and gives you more options in the absence of heavier gadgets like camp stoves.

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Looks good for an emergency bag. A small LED headlamp (I like the Zebra, single cell models) are excellent for hands free lighting. Also a good pair of work gloves if you're forced to move debris/glass etc. Lastly a couple of smoke/dust masks...the flat-folded versions are easier to store. If you feel the need, a couple pair of latex gloves for dealing with messy situations also.

If you have a room a small pair of binoculars or monocular...allows observation at a distance without exposing yourself.


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Looks good, I would add dental floss and a sewing needle taped to it, a few bouillon cubes and a nalgene bottle to drink out of (hot or cold). watch the date on the water purification tabs, they expire quickly.

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Take a look, i would be interested in comments. Is there anything i am missing?
I like those wisp tooth brushes (the ad campaign makes me want to barf) but I do not think I can get them in Canada.

I would add a squeeze light on your keychain. Definitely have some coin; a roll or quarters is convenient. I would also pack some trash bags and some zipper lock bags. Also a small notebook or some paper of some kind; even just a few sheets. Some other things you might want to consider are a digital camera and a city map.

Have you ever opened one of those survival kit-in-a-cans? Mostly the reviews say they are poor quality.

That sewing kit looks rather large. Do you really need to color coordinate your mending thread if you tear your britches? If the thread came from a purchased kit it is probably pretty weak and not very good for much than temporary mending. I just carry some large safety pins and a couple pre-threaded needles.

This looks like the makings of a GHB but I am not really sure what the goal is. In Arizona I would carry more water and spare hat/sunscreen/glasses.

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Not really much of a goal involved in the bag, other than if i ever get stranded overnight or need something while im out i have it. I carry more basic stuff in my pockets all the time as it is. I have more water and the sunscreen in my truck. Also more stuff ready to go at home. This bag is just something comfortable i can have when im out doors or at an event incase i need it. I honestly just got it to carry my pistol and a bottle of water, just added stuff to it as i ran acrossed it.

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I have a similar rig, I love cliff bars, and I keep 3 or 4 in my bag so I have a quick meal on the go.

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I've done some updating thanks to everyones suggestions. I ditched the cheap sewing kit and added some better blk thread, 3 needles, and 6 safety pins. I also changed out to a Adventure Medical Ultralight .7 first aid kit from REI.

Plus i added this stuff.

4 Clif Bars
50 ft of fishing line, 3 hooks, 3 sinkers
Sting Wipes
2 folding respirator masks
Strikeforce fire starter
2 24 hr lightsticks
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