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So far, my 17 year old daughter hasn't had much interest in guns, but her boyfriend is shipping out to Marine bootcamp on Tuesday, so we went shooting this weekend, as something to do together before he leaves.

Now my daughter has shot my .22 a couple of times, maybe 50 rounds or so through it, and we got her shooting decent groups from the bench while working on trigger pull and breathing.

This trip to the range, she wanted to shoot all my guns, not just the .22, so we let her try the 12ga, the AR and my baby, the FN PBR .308!

Since we had worked on trigger and breathing already, I thought I would show her about scope adjustments and changing point of impact.

We were only at 50 yards this time, figured see how she does there before moving out further, and didn't want to lug all the guns and gear down to the 100 yd range in the heat, since we were setup next to the pistol range for some practice there too.

She fired a 3-shot group, we adjusted the POI down 2 clicks, fired another 3-shot group (her best group) and then brought it back up, and put it on center.

Granted, this is 50yard from a bench, but she's gotta start somewhere, and she is very happy and enthusiastic now!

Here is the picture...

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