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A few people have written me and asked how or what I have for a fire starting kit. So I thought I would grab the one that is in the BOB closest to me and take a couple photos;

This kit includes:
4 boxes Coleman Waterproof matches (Never know if you need to help someone with a box)
2 jars of waterproof matches
1 Kershaw “Key” and striker
1 Magnesium and striker
4 “Wetfire” fire starting tinder
1 Bic lighter (Buried in here at the bottom)
6 alcohol pads
Lock de-icer (Silver thing on top, the rod that comes out of that gets glowing red hot)
9 volt batt
Little bit of very fine steel wool
All packed in a sealed/watertight clear plastic case

Now on my key ring which I always have with me I also have the Kershaw “Key”

So this is basically the same set up I have in all of my BOB’s in the house, truck, cars, son’s car, wife’s car.


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I like that you've got extra matches to share.

We use seal-a-meal scraps to vacuum pack regular books of matches (About $2 for a box of 50 books of 20 matches each at a local restaurant supply store.) Each book ends up costing less than a nickel, and they're easy to put in glove boxes, back packs, kits, drawers, car trunks, and just about anywhere else.

Some of them also have a birthday candle sealed in. (It fits diagonally.) This changes the whole perception from a 'survivalist' thing to a thoughtful idea perfect for putting in a purse or desk drawer. It's perfect for non-prepping friends and co-workers.
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