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Ok guys so I have not been on for a while because I have been fairly busy trying to get some stuff ready and I broke my back at work so I have been down which finally gave me the time to tell you about what I have been doing for the last 2 years. I will not give out location or Exact details about anything but if you have any questions feel free to ask

in my mind SHTF will start out with a natural disaster that will turn into a man made disaster because so many sheeple people are not prepared.

I will not go into all of my shtf stuff but I am prepared to survive for a while, I have my medicines for my asthma, allergies, and now back pain stocked up to last at least 3 months maybe longer if I would alter my schedule and I believe that would give me time to find some more meds. If you are interested in doing that check into pharmacare pharmacy with your insurance company, you have your doctor write a prescription for a 3 month supply and you pay the price of a 2 month supply and it is delivered by ups or usps.

I have weapons prepared and a decent store of ammo and I would prefer not to go into that any deeper on a public forum at this time ( remember big brotha's watching )

I have enough food to survive a LONG time, maybe 2 years if needed. That includes MRE'S, number 10 canned foods which consist of everything from powdered dairy to blueberry cobbler it consists of many brands but mostly mountain house because they have the best selection, TEA BAGS because im a huge tea freak, powdered milk, eggs, and cheese, canned bacon ( its good trust me ) condiments, and enough rice and grains to feed my family of 3 plus some if I choose to add any other people to my survival party lol.

The mountain house brand in #10 cans is FANTASTIC, they have a pretty good selection of food and the stuff is good people, I also have a pretty good store of garden seeds so I could plant a big enough garden to feed my family. There are cows on that property because I lease some of it to a farmer so I would have beef because he lives in the city about 30 miles away and im sure he would not even think to come get the cows.

And most importantly I have a bug out location if you will, I have a nice little 2 room cabin ( 2 total rooms which includes a living room/kitchen and a bedroom with a full size bed and a twin sized bed) in the middle of nowhere with no roads going to it, we have water there is a well, solar panel with a 15 battery bank only cost about 4-5000 bucks for everything to build this solar setup, email me for details, electric furnace ( does not make smoke and powers from solar ) it is the small garage type that hangs on the wall and I think it is way more than adequate, we do have wood backup but if there were thousands of hungry sheeple you would not want to heat during the day with wood in a woodstove because the will see the smoke and find you. There is an electric stove with a propane camp stove for backup. as for lights we have power from the solar panels and a BUNCH ( around 800 ) survival candles ( pillar and jar ) that my wife and I made ourselves. The only downfall would be the outhouse but you would like it lol it is a double toilet with a damn space heater powered by the solar panel. I have made window covers on the inside and outside to make sure there is absolutely ZERO light seen after dark if I close them all up. I have a " root cellar " because my property sets on an OLD rock quarry and they had a dynamite room built into a bank and it has a concrete door, unfortunately it did not contain any dynamite lol that would have been fun for a minute or three lol.

It stays about 60 degrees in there during the summer and less than that during the winter so I thing it would be adequate to store food there to keep it cool without freezing it but I have yet to try it out.

I usually take a different route with my fourwheeler about every time so I dont make a road that would look like it is well traveled and looks more like a casual atv trail

This may sound VERY EXTREME to some but you dont know what will happen in the future nor do I so it is a good idea to prepare for the worst, you do have to watch expiration dates on your food supply and cycle it out. I have given stuff to family and used some myself and just replace it with new.

I built the cabin as a hunting cabin and when the wife and I want to get away from the hustle and bustle we go out there and spend the night in peace, no cell phones, no television, just serene living. I would move there if I had indoor plumbing which I might do one day but right now the budget is going to ammo.

Here are some great sites with more information and suppliers I have purchased from * great deals throughout the year * * not the cheapest but a good stock usually * * never ordered from them but they have good prices *

there is a whole lot more and if you are TRULY interested in this please feel free to shoot me an email and I will provide you with more details and sites
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